Thursday, March 27, 2008


I'm going to try to be as gentle as possible, try not to cuss and censor my words as much as possible

i have honestly had it with this dealership, if i was going in for full servicing, i would totally understand it would take a couple of days, specially with the traffic they've got, but for an OIL CHANGE, it should not take more than one hour. And for the past 3 weeks, every time i go there, their QUICK SERVICE counter faggot tells me it will take at least 3 hours, not once, not twice but this has happened over 7 times

if they have problems and dont have enough staff of space for thier clients, i'm sure Al Ghanim can easily afford hiring more staff and expanding the dealership, they are already a wealthy family as it is without owning half of Kuwait.

i wont even bother with calling, emailing or writing a letter to these ignorent fucks, i think Germany would love to hear what i have to say, and thats exactly what i will do, and i won't stop until my voice is heard


Enigma said...

can you post their email? I think every BMW owner should do the same. They told me I needed to wait 4 freaking days to change filters!

Yara said...

I got the brand new bmw x5, it stayed with me for a couple of weeks then started breaking down every week.. it was at the wekala more than it was with me , they fix it the next day its back to them , they even ordered a piece from germany to fix the car.. its not like i go out alot i only go to university which is 10 minutes away... so i sold it after 5 months of this and i vowed to never get a bmw again

Anonymous said...

My car is "Rover 75" whos dealership is also AlGhanim BMW, has been sitting in the garage for over 1 month now. Reason: There are no spare parts!

it's one fucking dealership.

eshda3wa said...

u should!
their service is so baad!

Zed said...

how about we sign on a petition to get BMW germany to relieve al ghanim from their services.. that should solve our problem... and make thenm aware of what they are doing to their customers

i will start the petition on sunday

This Lady said...

my friend had a BMW and it was always in the garage.

Sometimes i think they purposely do this to get more money from u.

Thats the problem with having only one dealership for every manufacturer here.

fonzy said...

u shud let them know... ur not the first to complain about them and am sure u wont be the last. the only descent dealership is Lexus, so i've heard

Anonymous said...

I hate them, this is my first and last time to buy a BMW.

Try to go very early like 7 AM with the staff or at least 7.30 .. you may finish in 2 hours.

Zed said...

they need me, i dont need them, why should i wake up at 7am to go there