Thursday, March 27, 2008

You snooze u lose

i guess i had it coming... at the end of the work day yesterday after a quick talk with my boss i asked him - "anything else?"

and there it was.... "well there's just this small little thing....

your morning attendance"

ouch . our working hours start at 8, and i've been coming closer to 9 for the past couple of weeks... or months

i blame the snooze button

unfortunately it doesn't matter how much work i put in after office hours or that i've been working my ass off - the bottom line is that i have to respect the hours they set, that's what u get when u have an office job

so today i made it at 8:10 ! the question is, will i keep it up ?


fonzy said...

hehe i have the same problem and in banks, its no joke... am out of excuses!

Cat said...

Oh !

I have the same problem too.

And Noooo, u r not going to keep it up ! U might stick to it for days but it wont last !

t'9be6 el wagt 2 or 3 days then terja3 rema le3adt-ha el qadeema !

Kinano said...

hehehehe! It's universal :P

My boss gave up on me LOOOOOOOONG time ago...

Enigma said...

i'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks, and work starts at 7. Yupp, SEVEN! The question is, will I be able to keep the job?

Joud said...

fonzy - i dont know how u can do the 7am thing

cat: u are so right on

kinan: so u won . but i thought agility was flex about working hours

enigma: hehehe probably NOT . seriously though, 7am is so brutal

noonie said...

hahaha..its okay inshalah u'll keep it up ;P

Joud said...

thanks noonie, today i made it at 8:15, not bad !