Monday, March 17, 2008

What would you do ?

last week i went to the cinemagic movie screening, which they usually have on a weekly basis. the selection of movies they choose includes documentaries, indies, foreign films

last week's feature was a japanese film called after life, and i thought the plot was interesting, the kind that makes you wonder what you would do in that situation:

"If our passage to the afterlife demands that we erase all memories but one, what will that memory be?"

so which memory would you take with you?

the whole concept reminded me a little of sartre and his play no exit - perhaps because both have to do with life after death... it also made me think of the jim carrey movie the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which portrays how powerful meaningful memories can be. then i thought of the memory-erasing stick from men in black but by then my thoughts were just getting silly....


eshda3wa said...

id like to remember food
foood fooood

Anonymous said...

Going snorkelling one sunny day

and you didn't say what your memory would be

Joud said...

eshda3wa: how did i not think of that ???? right on

greyshorts: no i didn't ;)