Sunday, April 27, 2008


i need help on what to get a friend for his birthday

he’s a very good friend of mine, in his mid thirtees, quite the techie and loves water sports

if u’re reading this, please venture an idea or 2 before u leave ikuwait
and if u’re reading this through a feed, please take a sec to comment and help out a sister in crisis

thanks a million


don_veto said...

My suggestion is an iPod touch because everyone loves music, with a waterproof skin similar to this one, cause your friend loves water:

Angelo said...

It seems Don Veto has beaten me into it cuz I was going to suggest the same thing.

Another ideal present would be a PSP. Oakley also has a nice selection of sunglasses that are suitable for the sea. Orpheus wallets are hot too.

Hope that helps or at least give you some ideas. Good luck :)

dlc said...

U could get him wireless headphones - sennheiser are good ones

q8ya said...

you can get him some accessories for his ipod or laptop or phone, or you can get him a new phone. pass by alghanim electronics in the avenues they have somegood stuff ;)


Joud said...

don_veto that's genius, he would love it ! he's always playing with my iphone

angelo: he's got the first 2, the wallet is not a bad idea though

dlc: yeah i thought of getting him a slick headset because of the new driving rule and all, def on my list

q8ya: sounds like a commercial :) yes perhaps the headset thing

q8ya said...

l0o0ol now that i read it again it does sound like a commercial :P

N. said...

no technie is without his gadgets, so there are always the extra gimmicks that are available around. I like the iPod touch idea.. sorry couldn't be of much help Joud.

Joud said...

N.: the ipod touch idea is great but he's waiting for the 3g iphone

in the end a group of us decided to chip in and get him a watersports accessory like a board or smthg like that

plus i got him another small gift on the side, so he's well covered