Wednesday, April 30, 2008

identity revealed

i always knew they existed, but never thought they were the same person, or from singapore


moocherx said...

Born 1990?

So the guys I remember from the 1970's were total fakes!!

elijah said...

not the same person, Batman is clearly the son of superman!!!

LOL mooch, we missed ya.

joy said...

ويهه كلش ما يساعد!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eshda3wa said...


someone had a total comic nerd for a grandfather

N. said...

Fakeeeeee :p

Clerk: Your name please.
Boy: Batman
Clerk: Ahah, yeah I like batman too. Can I have your name sir?
Boy: Batman
Clerk: Sir, we can talk about batman later. I need your first name sir.
Boy: I am batman!
Clerk: Excuse me! You see that line behind you? I need to get that done sir, so if you would please give me your first name and last name please.
Boy: Batman bin Suparman.
Clerk: Oh really? Can I see some I.D! *sarcastically?*
*Boy gives her the ID*
Clerk: Oh...

Grey said...

lol@ n ...

Zed said...

anyone seen iron man? any good?

N. said...

Yeaah its good, go watch it!