Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How u know u're in 2008

1. u have more mobile phone numbers in your family than u have family members

2. u send emails to colleagues who are sitting accross from u

3. u lose touch with friends and family members who don't have an email address

4. u park your car in the driveway then use your mobile to call someone in the house to help u with the groceries

5. every tv ad has a website listed at the bottom of the screen

6. leaving home without your mobile - which u didn't use for the first 20 years of your life - causes u to panick, then go back home to pick it up

8. in the morning u get on the internet before u even drink your coffee

9. u're smiling and shaking your head as u're reading this

10. u're so busy that u didn't even notice that this list doesn't have a number 7.

11. u looked back up to check if there really isn't a number 7.

12. u're sure that if u looked back up - again - u will notice that there is a number 7 but that u hadn't noticed

13. u looked back up to make sure, and realized that i tricked u and that u're gullible

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