Wednesday, May 21, 2008


to all ppl who work on the mezzanine floor anywhere - pls dont crowd the elevators, take the stairs instead, it's only 1 floor !


Shoush said...


Zed said...

what? even if we are going up??

where did the word mezzanine come from?

Joud said...

yes especially if u're going up, crowding ppl before they even had their coffee

Heil Neurotica! said...

Mezzanine derives from the Arabic word ' mezzeh'. Since mezzeh are the hors d'ouvres served before a meal in the same vein a mezzanine floor too prepares the senses for the touch and feel of the rest of the office tower that follows it. Closer to Kuwait spare a thought to Abou Dhabians who must find it trying on their patience - the waiting-in period to get in and out of lifts both at work and at home.
That's the primary reason why I chose Kuwait over Abu Dhabi to live in, what with all the super dwarfs we have around us everywhere.
:) unlimited

Anonymous said...

It's not even 1 floor. It's half a floor. They're just being lazy f*ckers.