Wednesday, July 30, 2008


they must be kidding cause this can't be real


chika said...

*covers her face while typing this*

The Talker said...

اي هالموضوع عتيج من زمان اذكره انه انتشر بالمنتديات
واذكر انه جذب من صج هالكلام ، دخلت موقع عثمان الخميس
ولقيت هالشي:

The Talker said...

حتى عثمان الخميس كويتي مو سعودي

The Talker said...

حتى عثمان الخميس كويتي مو سعودي

The Talker said...

لووول سوري علق النت ورفرش وحط الرد مرتين

MishMisha said...

omg... this is what they've come to...

Zed said...

i'm gonna try to block this site from women viewers, i don't want to go to hell and get punished for your mistakes loool

Anonymous said...

mishmisha its untrue check the site talker had posted.

Um Mit3ib said...

ana libast 7jab while commenting on this post.. it'hagain sar 7alal;p ?

Mrm said...

everyday i cross my fingers and pray for arab, its this article that made me wish for the geno.

oh and hahahahaf!

J o u j a™ said...

ee marrah 3lai hal fatwa o f9alt th7ik el 9ara7a ;p

LOL um mit3ib bd3tay ;p

Zed said...

lol you guys are hilarious, love our comments.

mrm: i wish for a genocide everyday lol

snookie said...

ya sater ya rab. er7amna min al jahal ily ga3d yentesher mithl el naml ily 6ay7een 3ala jothat chalb m3afen.

Ms Loala said...

Nothing surprises me from KSA

elijah said...

arent all those "sinful" sites blocked anyway?? :/

Anonymous said...

As the talker said , it is not true !
it is totally a lie, shiakh othman al khamees never said that !

Anonymous said...

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