Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mecca the new Dubai

you know we're all going to hell when the most sacred place on earh becomes a real estate agents dream

These are actual plans taking place around the Kaaba in Mecca, i'd like to know when are they going to build a ski slope on Mount Arafat


Anonymous said...

Viva Las Mecca!

Fashionated said...

how "holy" is mecca going to be when they do this? lets stick a walmart in the middle and its over

Swair. said...

Believe it or not, bs wa7da min 3alamat elsa3a..

Joud said...

swair thats freaky :s

Anonymous said...

blasphemous post title

Zed said...

anonymous: thats so bad, but funny at the same time lol

fashionated: i do believe thats as swair said, its one of the major signs, so if you believe start praying

swair: how fucked up os this, why would they even consider this

joud: swair is 100% right, iys one of the bigogns, judgement day is very very close

greyshorts: try to get the sarcasm thats in the title, but i'm only trying to bring awareness to the people that think doing that to the holliest place on earth is right, if we muslims allow this, then we are no different than the people building it