Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quench your thirst


the original 7up


:::ShoSho::: said...

cute walla!

ManalQ8 said...

انا وحدةاشجع الصناعةالعربية والمحلية

والله زين

وشكلة لا باس

منها الى الاعلى


حمّود راعي السيكل said...

حقيقية والا فوتوشوب؟

ما أري ليش يتاجرون مستغلين الأمور الدينية؟ الظاهر تجارة مربحة

قبل كم سنة طلعوا بمشروب اسمه مكة كولا كان صاحبه مغربي عايش بفرنسا, اعتقد انه فشل لاني ما اشوفه بالاسواق

هذا بعد مصيره راح يكون جذي

elijah said...

manalq8: the problem is that they use current events to use people and trick them into buying them, remember something like pepsi that came out called Jineen and one i think mecca, it's horrible they make them at times of war and they are disgusting.

Vixen said...

ahmmm.. what is that?

Joud said...

yes it's just another marketing ploy

vixen: it's a soda that looks like 7up but is called "karbala up"

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... no way!