Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1 year and 32 weeks


as u can see sometimes my downloads are reallllly slow . how can i get them to improve ? i heard of port forwarding, but arent there any softwares which magically make the dowloads better ? i have a pretty good internet speed so i'm sure theres room for dowload improvement...


Anonymous said...

If you want software to "magically" fix this, enable UnPnP on your router.

Ms Loala said...

OMG this is soooo depressing. I'd buy the season instead and spare myself the agony ;\

What connection you're using?
Based on your Dirty Sexy Money download, 0.5KB is REALLY REALLY slow, which pretty much explains why your other download is taking a year.

My e-go reaches 190KB at some point and this is a good download speed if you want your downloads to finish faster.

Mrm said...

had u posted this a few days ago i could have offered to fill up ur harddisc with the entire series that would take u a yr to dl lol. but im leaving in 8 hours...maybe next time ok?

PaLoMiNo said...

madry ;p

plastic said...

i sent you guys an email or specifically joud


Joud said...

3baid: i'll look into that, whatever that means !

ms loala: i have the zain router, 7.2 (theoretical) speed; i think my problem is more of a settings thing

mrm: ok :/ have fun !

palomino: mashkooooooora

grey: thanks ! will check it first thing tomorrow; it's late and i'm about to crash

elijah said...

I didn't know Prison Break started again! Thanx for that!

Oh sorry don't know how to fix your problem though :/