Sunday, February 15, 2009

Typical Lebanese

after reading mosan's last post i came to realize that some songs have and will always remind me of beirut. ya3ni they're the kinds of oldish songs that, when played in a lebanese restaurant or a bar, ppl basically go nuts and every single one of them sings along. these songs are:

- losing my religion by REM
- like the way i do by melissa ethridge
- because the night by ??
- wind of change by the scorpions
- hotel california by the eagles

of course there's more but thats all i cant think of right now ...


Pokyface said...

Oh, Arab men have a share in your post as well :P

I have noticed that as well sure beats techno crap

Anonymous said...

because the night by natalie Merchant

mosan mosan said...

oh ya you should get 10000 maniacs unplugged cd

Joud said...

pokyface: never liked techno

thanks anonymous

mosan: why, does it have more tipical songs ? i'd love that !

beyrouti gigolo said...

Hey, how can you drop the track - Voulez vous couche avec moi, from this selection?

Joud said...

weeeeell this is a typical song for any place u go really, along with i will survive