Sunday, March 22, 2009

Music help

so i'm building a playlist for a marathon i'm planning to run next month, and i have some pretty good tracks on there but i need some help

there are songs that seem to be made for running, whenever i listen to them i feel like my pace naturally picks up and i feel more energetic, like:

- shut up and drive
- bleeding heart
- pump it
- lose my breath
- fast car
- inifinity 2008

what else should i add ?

ps- i've switched the font to green, i thought it was time for a change


Project Kenya 2011 said...

Techno is my type of music for working out!

Anonymous said...

hey guys...

i seraching for one song...i dont know which album...i have only starting line...

hai hai happy...

or hay hay happy body...


hay hay everybody

or hay hay happy birthday...

pls help which one is tha nice dj dance song..?