Monday, March 23, 2009

Sports store

.. and 1 more sports related question - what's the best sports store in kuwait ? is it go sports in avenues or are there other better ones ?

i need a store with a good selection of running gear

do we have a nike or addidas store somewhere ?

thanks !


Anonymous said...

Sports Corner - Old souk Salmiya

Sports Man ( aka Riyadi) Opp Eureka

Orient Sports - Muthanna

The Athletes foot - Almost every mall :P

Go SPort : Avenues.

The Foot Avenues - Avenues/kaifan Coop

Footlocker - Avenues / Marina.

Adidas - Marina Mall/ Manshar Mall

Nasser Sports - Avenues Roundabout/ Salmiya.


Anonymous said...

i like athletes foot much more than gosport, as big as it is.. ive never found what was i looking for in GoSport

Joud said...


i'm off to dubai this weekend, will try to hit nike town while i'm there