Sunday, December 24, 2006


My first phone ever was a Motorola (got it in 1996) and a year later I switched to Nokia, and have been a Nokiaholic ever since, they're just too good, user friendly, nice looking, durable, and great functionality.

I just bought the Nokia E50 and loving it, it's very simple and got almost all the options that every phone has these days. While I was at the store they mentioned something about it not having WiFi, do we really need phones with WiFi, it's been over done, at max I would like a camera to shoot a moment that you don't see everyday, but WiFi, Microsoft Office, a laser pointer.... what the hell...... who cares for these things, if you have a desktop/laptop you're set for everything, no need to complicate our lives more than they already are.

PS: it voices the callers name out (cool option)


Elijah said...

Mabrouk :) I love Nokia my first phone was Seimans which I had for a month, then it was Nokia all the way.

Ali said...

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Yazeed said...

hence the word "Nokiaholic", i a a major Nokiaholic

The Criticizer said...


Nokia is simple, common, reliable but not very stable.
SE is simpler, less common, reliable and has great stability.

Nokia = Windows
Sony Ericsson = OS X

Therefore I choose SE. ;P

Anonymous said...

Comparing Sony Ericsson and Nokia, it's just like comparing Microsoft and Mac.

Nokia very common in here in kuwait, but nokias' firmwares "software" 3la golat el3agad ;P) have to be updated monthly cuz of the bugs and other stuff. Also, Nokia produces new models in every 3months! oo ana kel ma ashtery wa7d wala nazel new model! lee meta :P. Moreover, most of nokia lack at least one feature!

In contrast, Sony Ericsson production is very stable; the new model last for one year (maybe!)
ALL Phones-features are included in every SE phones (bluetooth, IR, radio, wap.. etc). Moreover, they are perfectly designed!

cheny 6awltha.. *kel hatha comment* :P