Sunday, October 28, 2007

Facebook dilemma

ok guys, people around me won't get off my case about not being on facebook. so i decided to be reasonable and at least give it a thought.

i'm still very much leaning towards NO, but i thought i'd get your valuable opinions before i make my decision once and for all.


- should i sell my soul to facebook ? if so, why ?

- or should i stay away from facebook ? if so, why ?

your help is much appreciated !


chikapappi said...

Ok, first of all - add me to your account :D

Ba3dein la2, don't let it go bas be careful because to some people it's addictive...

Zed said...

i say don't do it, you already missed the train, its not as exciting as it used to be, its dying out

:::: SHAYOUMA :::: said...

hmmm, well i am new to it too. am not really addictive and i have very few people in it, family and close friends.. that's all! I am not for just adding friends randomly, I have never poked anyone, I don't know what's the point of it lol!!

Kinano said...

i fought it as much as i could but eventually i caved in.

I still don't understand what the fuss is all about.

Blue Dress said...

I totally agree with ZED.
Face book was never appealing to me
but i thought i should give it a try just to be fair, and it was bad! its stupid and a waste of time ;p blogging is much better

but good luck with whatever you choose :)

Sunny said...

All my siblings, friends and classmates have it apart from myself. I just don't see the point of it. What REALLY annoys me VERY much is the fact that most of those people have so called "friends" on their lists whom they speak to and have a laugh with on those silly messy looking walls on facebook, but when they walk past each other in person on the street they act like they don't know each other!

"La ana ma a3arfa wela asalim 3alaih bil 9ij bas akalma on Facebook".

What?! Pathetic.

I can go on forever but basically I don't see what all the fuss is about.

TAT said...

join adjust your privacy settings to friends only, find people you know or have not spoke too in a while reconnect with em and leave it at that.

That way no one can see your profile no one would bother you and you would free yourself from those people who try to hook up with you.

good thing about facebook is your given a lot of choices.

On the other hand its one big database of likes dislikes and a good way to conduct market studies and whatnot cause all the information is there

Yousef said...

Naaah.. facebook is stupid.

chikapappi said...

ok it's stupid bas you people could use it the right way, for friends bas! Just keep it private woman

Joud said...

chika: but then u'd know who i am and there goes my anonymity :)

zed: it seems so, look at all these negative comments

shayouma: i know what's that poking thing about ?!

kinan: u weak weak man !

blue dress: thanks, it looks like i might stick to blogging if the opinions are all like this

sunny: wtf ?? so odd

tat: yours is the only comment that is half positive about facebook

yousef: that's what i thought

chika: i have msn for that :) primitive i know but it does the job !

elijah said...

I joined it because my friend wanted to show me pics of her and her family, but that was a bout it, I logged in the other day and decided to deactivate my account.

I think if you're in a different country and you and your friends have loads of pictures of yourself or each other that you wanna share in the quickest way. it is good, but if you're anti social like me, then you don't want people finding you :D

Kinano said...


I know :(

*drops head in shame*

Ms Loala said...

Facebook is more like a cliche, so it won't be much of a use for you if you're not signing up with real info + photos in order to really look for someone you've been wanting to see.

Joel said...

Pros: Killer time pass

Cons: Kills time

So, it depends on how you see it :)

Speaking of Social networking sites, it's much better than MySpace or Zorpia and similar stuffs.

N. said...

Joud if you have a lot of free time then go for it, cause that's all you're going to be doing after you sign up!

If you don't have a lot of free time, then don't sign up ;p And yeah like zed said, it really is dying out. There's a lot of fake people, and crazy profiles out there.

I have one, but I don't get tempted easy to stay on for long. I get on do my thing and get off.

Joud said...

elijhah: hehe i hear u; i think i'll pass after all

kinan: yup, now u're one of THEM

ms loala: actually my friend gave me his username and password for when i want to see photos or play games etc ;) but he's not friends with many of my friends so it's a bit limited

joel: ikuwait is my passtime :)

n.: i do have some free time but i'd rather be spending it doing smthg else to be honest; i dont have strong willpower like u !

KJ said...

Go to facebook to catch up with old buddies but don't go into the whole application stuff. It gets ridiculous

Kinano said...


I hate you!

chikapappi said...

snap out of woman! 3ady! I know many bloggers - facebookers :) never blew out their cover :p

hammoodee said...

hell NO! it's addictive and diabolic, did u join it? am I too late?

Joud said...

thanks for your advice guys, it looks like i'm sticking with my previous decision not to join. so hammoodee - no, u're not too late !