Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don't mess with Joud


Zed said...

thats pretty impressive, but how far where you from the target


and what where you using

A GLOCK?????

fonzy said...

was there two days ago myself and i must say im impressed with ur shooting! but, as zed said, how close were u to the target? :P

N. said...

Impressive.. double O.. they should really make a female double O agent don't you think?

Zed said...

n: i think not, they tried a million times before, and failed miserably

la femme nikita, and all these crappy ones

Joud said...

what the hell's a glock ?

fonzy: i was 50m away from the target, and had a blindfold on . i was using a 9mm

n.: after my performance, they just might

Ekova said...